A float room or float tank is an enclosed pool of water and measures 8 Feet in Length, 8 Feet in Height, and is 4.75 to 6.8 Feet Wide. The water in the tank is 10.5 inches deep and is kept at body temperature. The most important element of the tank is the addition of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) that is dissolved in the tank: approximately 900 pounds of Epsom salt to 180 gallons of water or 1,300 pounds of Epsom salt to 270 gallons of water—this is what creates the weightless “float.” As opposed to a swimming pool where there is a sense of weightlessness, gravity in a floatation tank is completely nullified by the buoyancy caused by the dissolved Epsom salt.

Unique to the enclosed float room and float tanks is the sensory deprivation they provide. This restricted stimulation has been proven to change the way the brain works, showing an increase in theta waves in the brain—the waves that are activated by meditation and active during REM sleep.