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Discover a new dimension in floatation

For hotel, day spa, health and beauty centers, as well as for studios, the floating is an integral part.

As a special treatment, as an absolute highlight for your guests, the floating is recognized.

As in the Dead Sea, the body is carried by the brine. An intense experience for body, mind and soul.

Floating is unique. Maximum depth relaxation with minimal time expenditure with the Dead Sea effect. The body-warm brine ensures a weightless deep relaxation.

The minerals are absorbed by the skin, they look nourishing and give you a velvety skin.

An hour in the velvety soft warm bath equals the recreational value of about eight hours of sleep.

Numerous scientific studies have proved the positive effect on body and mind.

A positive effect in back pain, tension and a reduction in blood pressure are also attested.

Stress relief also strengthens the immune system.

The interest in weightless relaxation is gaining in importance for health, wellness and prevention.

Floating is power from the rest. Experience the pleasure of relaxing on soft velvety water, which is an indescribably positive feeling.

First cleaning system with complete emptying and reserve containers on the market.

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  • double float acrylic floatation pool for two

  • modular wall elements system

  • aluminum frame and substructure

  • light panels or spots

  • shower-tray slim line

  • infrared heating panel for constant room temperature

  • sound transducer for transparent acoustics


  • Length: 149,606 x Height: 90,5512 x Width 102,362 inch


  • SPS full automatic float control

  • magnetic pump three phase ceramic bearings

  • heater titanium alloy

  • Microfilter cardridge 1 Micron bags

  • UVC and OZONE sanitation, H2O2 optional

  • automatic valves 3 way for extra Reservoirtank

    The filtration sanitation system works with standard epsom salt and magnesium chloride. All parts are saltwater resistent.

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In our experience, most people prefer a comfortable space rather than a closed tank.

That is why we now designed a room that allows both.

Floating in darkness and silence to explore your own mind.

But also simply the experience deeper relaxation alone or together.

What is the character of a modern system?

All positive aspects of the floating have to be fulfilled including the blank out “Lilly Modus”

Versatility. Economics. Usefulness.

The design of the float cube suite provides form and functionality in one.

A resting place with absolute privacy plus maximum comfort.

A clear shape, the generous dimensions and a short walk to the shower complete the concept in a perfect way.