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1. What if I fall asleep during my float?

No problem at all. The amount of salt in the water will keep you floating on top with zero effort allowing you to relax and enjoy a peaceful nap

2. How deep is it?

Our float rooms are designed to have only ten inches of water

3. Are there lights on the inside?

Yes. Our rooms come standard with LED underwater lighting as well as a star light ceiling option that can be used for ambient lighting or even Chroma therapy

4. How long are the float sessions?

Most people do 60-90 minute floats. Our systems are designed to accommodate longer sessions if desired. There is a mandatory 30minute filtration cycle that runs between each session to ensure the highest water quality possible

5. Are there limitations on who can float?

You cannot float if you have open wounds, a communicable disease, incontinence, or are prone to seizures. Women that are pregnant are advised to consult with their doctor before floating

6. How is the water kept clean?

Our filtration and sanitation systems are designed to turn the water over at least five times between each float session. Each unit is designed to meet the requirements of your local authorities and regulations. UV sanitation and particulate filtration is standard on all of our models. In addition to that we use one or more of the following options: Bromine, hydrogen peroxide, Ozone

7. What if I am claustrophobic?

Our rooms have been designed with that specifically in mind. We offer ample head room inside with a standard height of 7′ interior.

8. Can two people float together?

Floating is something you do by yourself. Having other distractions in the float environment would take away from the experience

9. Do I need to prepare for my float?

It is not recommended to eat a heavy meal or ingest caffeine prior to floating. Do not float after a fresh shave or wax as the salt will irritate the skin


Buying Process FAQs


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We have a specialized team to install our product and train you and/or your staff how to properly use and maintain our system

2. Are your rooms handicapped accessible?

Our rooms come equipped with ADA compliant grab bars on the inside and if needed we can install on the outside of the room as well

3. What type or power do your rooms require?

We provide one 30amp twist lock plug that powers all of our equipment. It needs to be supplied by a 30amp dedicated GFCI 240volt breaker

4. Do your rooms fit through a standard door?

Yes, although we require a four foot hallway to be able to maneuver the pieces into the float suite

5. Do you need the float suite to be finished or unfinished for the installation?

We can install in both scenarios. Special cases may require some of the framing to be done after installation. However in order for us to fill the rooms with salt after installation we need to have access to hot water. If not we will only be able to test the equipment and check for leaks using cold unsalted water. Our Float Rooms are a completely isolated aquatic feature. Meaning they do not have a main drain or any outside plumbing fixtures attached to the system. We fill the rooms with hot water from a nearby source and they are drained through the shower drain with the aid of a submersible pump

6. How long will it take for my room to be delivered?

After the layout design and ordering process is complete it takes between 60 and 90 days for us to manufacture your room and get it shipped out to you

7. How long does it take to install?

An installation of a single room takes four days to complete. 3 more days are required for each additional room typically

8. Do I have a choice in exterior finishes?

Yes we have a line of high quality finishes including wood veneers, laminates, glass, and acrylic, in a variety of colors and designs. We can also accommodate custom requests

9. Do your rooms come in different sizes?

We offer a standard float room as well as a king sized float room, Custom sizes and designs available upon request

10. What sanitation system do you offer?

We provide an NSF compliant filtration and sanitation system with UV filtration and a filter as standard equipment. In addition to other options that are designed to meet your local requirements such as Ozone or hydrogen peroxide

11. Do your rooms have a two communication?

Yes we have a two way communication option available for an additional cost

12. Do your rooms have speakers?

All of our rooms come standard with high quality transducer speakers to allow for the incorporation of music or speech during float sessions

13. Do your rooms lock?

No, our doors latch using high quality magnets embedded into the door frame to achieve a proper seal. They can be operated by easily pushing with one hand from inside of the unit. Most customers do incorporate a locking handle on the door of the float suite itself to ensure client privacy