This “Night Sky” layout covers the ceiling of the Float Room with color changing Fiber Optic Lighting. You Can Choose Different color sequences, alter the speed of light, and adjust brightness levels with a remote.


Dual Suite Control Lighting

Before floating, suite room lighting is automatically turned off via an infrared sensor. However, for an even more convenient solution, both the suite lighting and float room LEDs can be controlled by the client from inside the float room, or at other times by the operator via the suite lighting switch.

King Size Float Room

The King Size Float Room measures 95.5 inches long, 94.5 inches tall, and 80.7 inches wide.

This room is widely used in orthopedic sports medicine. This float room is spacious and provides a larger area for individuals who enjoy greater personal space.

Matching Finish for Equipment Storage

The attractive float room finishes can be extended to enclose the disinfection sanitation equipment. Finishes can also be used to build a matching cabinet for the disinfection sanitation equipment or a storage area for spa products and pool cover. We provide the panels to your builder or tradesman.