Float Rooms USA is Agent/Distributor for:

Superior Float Tanks

Float Rooms Nederland BV

Owners Loek and Cheri know first-hand the stress that all professionals endure on a daily basis. Being professionals with a client driven business background they looked for the best ways to get relief from the physical and mental stress that people endure each day. In their search they found Floatation to be the ultimate way to quickly revive body and mind. Quality driven as they are they sought out the best in the industry. They founded Float Rooms USA LLC and partnered up with Superior Float Tanks and Float Rooms Nederlands to make the best in floatation available to North America.

Our mission

To provide the highest quality products, which are functional, and designed to appeal to a wide range of consumers, with various styles and tastes. Our products are designed by a team of commercial designers who are highly specialized in functional design, construction, and space planning.

Our mission is to improve the business of each customer. Enhancing the experience of our clients and making people feel comfortable while using our products is our first priority. We are a consumer-driven company. We take pride in our high quality products, manufactured by our partners.

Our commitment is to provide our customers with high quality, stylish products that are easy to maintain, and create value and comfort.

We take pride in servicing our customers and work with enthusiasm and care to ensure a positive experience.